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We work on projects around the world, supporting government, industry, and not-for-profits to better manage natural resources. Below are just some examples of current and former engagements our team have been involved in.   

Water Resources Governance in Brazil

Assessment of the performance of Brazil’s water governance and policy recommendations for strengthening the co-ordination between federal and state water policies and for setting up more robust water allocation regimes that can better cope with future risks.


Our role: Expert support to the OECD by reviewing the existing approach to water allocation in Brazil and identifying improvements

River Health and Environmental Flow in China

Development and application of approaches for river health assessment and environmental flow arrangements for application in China, including pilot studies in the Yellow, Pearl, and Liao River Basins.

Our role: Project Director / Team Leader, Technical Advisor

Local management of SunWater's irrigation channel schemes

Examination by the Queensland Government of the potential for the transition of SunWater's eight irrigation channel systems to local management and ownership in response to irrigators' concerns about the long term sustainability of current arrangements.  

Our role: Due diligence, stakeholder engagement, program management.

Water Entitlements and Trading in China

AusAid-supported investigation for the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources on the development, piloting and implementation of a national framework for allocation and trading of water rights throughout China.  This framework has subsequently been adopted and established throughout China.

Our roles: Australian Team Leader, Technical Director

Review of Water Industry Regulation

Input into government reviews of water planning and pricing regulation including developing of standards for efficiently allocating bulk water capital costs between irrigation and urban / industrial customers and for assessing water supply performance risk associated with climate variability and change.

Our role: Project Leader, Technical Director

Review of Regional Water Supply Systems

Reviews of regional water strategies including into the sustainability of the Burdekin River Water Supply Scheme and modernisation of SunWater's water supply schemes. Negotiated drought management plans and water sharing / trading rules in liaison with urban, industrial, irrigation and government stakeholders. 

Our role: Project Leader, Chief Negotiator

Revision of China's Master Basin Plans

Advised the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources on the once-in-thirty year revision of the master basin plans for China’s major river basins, including approaches to strategic river basin planning, water allocation planning, and flood risk management.

Our role: Water Allocation Planning Expert

Review of Water Management in USA

Conducted a review into USA's federal, state and local water management arrangements including water entitlement trading, emergency management environmental strategies.  This included convening collaborative workshops and site visits in liaison with federal and state water agencies, water utilities, and irrigation businesses in California, Colorado and Nevada.

Our role: Review Coordinator

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