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Strategic water and environmental planning

Our expertise spans surface water, groundwater, and environmental planning and includes water security planning, water resources development, demand assessments, water allocation planning, trade-off analysis, and integration of plans with regional development strategies. We have worked at the cutting-edge of natural resource planning for decades, leading critical and innovative planning initiatives in Australia, China and India.

Integrated water resources management 

We have extensive experience in water allocation and water sharing arrangements, water measurement and accounting, assessing and implementing environmental flows, river restoration, river health assessment, flood risk management and climate change adaption. We have led pioneering work on the establishment of water entitlement and trading frameworks, including their design, optimisation and management.   

Policy, legislative and institutional reform

With a strong legal and government background, our team are experienced in reviewing, developing, drafting, and implementing policy, regulatory and legislative frameworks for the water, environmental and electricity sectors and in restructuring or creating the institutions necessary to support good governance.

​Water sector efficiency and pricing review

A combination of operational and regulatory experience gives us a rare insight into the management of the water supply for urban, industrial, and irrigation sectors. We provide advice to water utilities and regulators on strategic and operational planning, management and reviews to drive improved efficiency.   


Program management and stakeholder engagement 

We specialise in managing complex projects related to the interface of natural resource management, engineering, science, economics and law. As part of this function, we have extensive experience in leading communication, consultation and engagement with stakeholders in relation to challenging water allocation, planning and management projects, including those with divergent community expectations.

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